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Why can’t I do an online certification?
Honestly, anyone can pick up a book or go online, take a test and get certified.  Would you trust the well-being of you or your dog to someone who only read a book and passed a test? We wouldn’t, that’s why our 50+ hour training is in-person and hands-on. We leave you confident and ready to run your own program.

Why don’t you do agility?
This is a legitimate exercise program with an equal amount of dog training – it’s not about running through hoops and jumping over hurdles. It’s a very regimented program and therefore addresses many challenges people face with their own health as well as having a positive impact on their dog’s behavior at home.  Using hurdles, weaving poles, etc. slows the exercise down for the human and most of the time for the dog if they are not already adapted to agility.  We are all about challenging the pair to a better life.  Agility is awesome for dogs, but is an activity that should be in it’s own class where dogs can excel at it. Plus, it’s insufficient exercise for the human.

Why don’t use you stability balls and other equipment specifically for dogs?
Unless you are working with a trained canine physical therapist and work consistently with these items, they will have very little result.  Only docile dogs would stand still on them and even then still may not. As props they look cool, but they are not practical for our classes.

Why don’t you require licensees to be certified in dog training to purchase the program?
We only allow open-minded and coach-able individuals to take our program as we are all about results and not dog training politics. That profile tends to be found in those who have no prior training at all.  There is no nationally recognized dog training certification and we feel our handling program is better than most. We train individuals specifically for this kind of bootcamp, not for in-home training (which is a whole ‘nother beast and requires many more hours and experience).

Why don’t you require licensees to be certified in personal training to purchase the program?
We strongly recommend a personal training or group fitness certification, but don’t require it to purchase the program (licensees operate at their own risk).  Students tend to be in the process of getting the certification or realize the importance once going through training.  Our program is NOT a certification for personal training nor group fitness instruction however, it certifies an individual to instruct the dog and owner bootcamp as a whole.

Is the Thank Dog! Bootcamp certification nationally recognized?
It’s only recognized in our organization just like any other dog training certification.

Will I make a lot of money opening up my own bootcamp?
It’s all relative to you, your location, the number of classes you offer and your dedication to marketing and networking.  We help you in every way we possibly can but do not guarantee results.

Why do you come to me vs. me coming to you?
We have found the most successful approach is for us to come to you.  Before your training starts, we give you an extensive to-do list to work on while we get your website up and start your marketing materials. If all goes as planned, by the time training is complete, your bootcamp will be up and running. You start your new business with all of the information fresh in your mind and your confidence at it’s highest. We have found that in more than one case, doing it the other way, licensees have struggled to juggle going back to their normal life and starting up the new bootcamp on their own.

Why is dog behavior and handling a part of the course?
To open a high-energy program such as a dog and owner fitness bootcamp, proper handling is essential and teaching new bootcampers how to handle is crucial.  Knowing the behaviors to look for and how to diffuse them if heightened creates a safe environment for everyone. We shake our heads when we see programs open up that don’t focus on the dog handling and behavior as part of the program. It’s irresponsible and an accident waiting to happen. Our dogs are our babies, but they are still animals, therefore, sometimes unpredictable. The safety of the dog and owner is number one on our list. Plus, the way we incorporate the dogs into the classes makes it all worthwhile – did we mention the behavior improvements at home for your clients?

What method does your program teach?
First, we don’t judge, we believe you should use what works for you and your dog.  What method do we use? We use the tool belt method. This means we have everything from a treat to a prong collar at our disposal and will use whatever we see fit. Dog training has become a political fight of methodologies, but we don’t care about that because it’s not about us and what we prefer.  We care about the dog and owner.  We support whatever helps them to communicate effectively and to keep them safe during workouts.  In cases where people try using a treat-only approach and can’t get their dog to focus, dangerous things can happen which is why we train you how to properly use certain collars – in case they are needed.  We don’t allow Haltis or Gentle Leaders due to the nature of some of our cardios and well, dogs aren’t horses and certainly don’t have the spine to safely wear one. Side note: when people think they are out of options when a “positive reinforcement only” approach isn’t working, dogs end up in shelters or never leaving their homes or backyards because they can’t be controlled. We think that’s sad.  If you are not open to learning all options, we don’t think this program is for you.