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The Program

Just a quick peek of what you get as a New Bootcamp Owner (NBO):

Included in cost:

  1. Intensive 7 day education program (average 8 hours per day)
  2. Operations manual
  3. Welcome folder electronic files for new bootcampers
  4. Ready-to-print Thank Dog! Bootcamp marketing materials
  5. Participation in 5 – 7 classes of Thank Dog! Bootcamp
  6. Hands-on dog training and behavioral course
  7. Thank Dog! Bootcamp 101
  8. Pet First Aid  & CPR certification
  9. NBO will conduct mock bootcamps and will instruct actual classes
  10. Marketing strategies and ideas (includes our famous urban bootcamp)
  11. Professional photography
  12. Admin & client tracking strategies
  13. Website
  14. Phone Support

Please email us at for more detailed information! Don’t forget to look at our Frequently Asked Questions Page to see if this program is the right fit for you!

We will not sell licenses that would compete with already existing TDBC locations.