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Dearest Jill and Noelle,

How do I start? Seriously, I am not sure!! I have been running a successful boarding, daycare, grooming and training business for thirteen years and have run across hundreds of people in the industry. I have attended seminars, expos, met with business owners privately, learned and met (in many situations) my competition, but the two of you guys have taught me more in one week than I can effectively define. I have been struggling with the whole idea of training as a service conceptually for years, and its been frustrating to say the least. The industry offers so many opinions but the two of you make sense of it all. Learning your program has allowed for me to define so many things within my own company. I could never ever explain to you both the clarity you have brought to my table. Not only do I think your program can get people loving their bodies again, but it reveals the complexity of the human mind and the simplicity of the dogs’ mind. It reminds people to understand that they have the power to communicate with their own dogs effectively. It redefines the relationship between dog and owner and it recreates the opportunity for the owner to successfully manage their own dog. To find a program that can combine all the components I feel are necessary in a relationship between a human and a canine has been a very challenging feat, AND you have mastered effectively communicating that to the customer! I am privileged to have stumbled upon you both and thrilled to have your knowledge at my fingertips. On top of all of that, you are both lovely. You give women a great name! As wholesome individuals that are real and stable with an understanding of life, you make it easy to request opinions and receive feedback. Wait until you see what we do with your program!

Thank you for being a part of us. We are so very excited about you and ThankDog.

With much love and respect,
Kristen Green – St. Louis Thank Dog! Bootcamp
All Critter Care LLC

I knew that dogs need to be mentally and physically exhausted every day – after all, a tired dog is a good dog and a trained dog is even better – the problem is finding the time to accomplish both tasks on a daily basis amidst my busy schedule.  Thank Dog! Bootcamp opened my eyes to the perfect solution . . . tackle both tasks at the same time!  It’s such an amazing concept that has impressive results.  Not only is my dog getting mental and physical stimulation, but I am getting my workout in and spending quality time with my dog all in one hour a day!  I am truly amazed by the program design and effectiveness and cannot wait to implement the program in my community (Asheville, NC).

Before arriving in Burbank for the training I wasn’t totally sure what to expect, but after spending just a few hours with Jill & Noelle I knew I was in good hands and that the week ahead was going to be a life-changing one.  I cannot express in words the amount of knowledge and confidence I walked away with after the week of training.  Jill & Noelle have really thought of everything!  I received hands-on dog training experience, program design instruction and materials, canine First Aid/CPR training, personal training experience, business & marketing assistance and support, and access to some of the greatest dog-training minds out there (Jill & Noelle) – and, the support wasn’t confined to just the week of training but has continued on as I launch and begin to operate my local Thank Dog! Bootcamp. Every dog, even the most unruly dog, deserves a chance to be a “good” dog and  I am so proud to be a part of such a wonderful community of dog trainers which makes that possible.

Adinna – Asheville, NC- Thank Dog! Bootcamp


Becoming a Thank Dog Boot Camp licensee was the best thing that I could have done for my dog Maggie and myself.  My favorite part of my day is teaching Thank Dog Boot Camp classes  My boot campers are an amazing group of men and women that all share a common goal of getting fit and spending time with their dog.

Going through the licensee program was very exciting but also took a lot of hard work.  Jill and Noelle work very hard to make sure anyone going through the licensee program has all the knowledge and know how to successfully teach and run the Thank Dog Boot Camp program.

I started my training week of the licensee program having little dog handling experience.  Jill was very patient and made me feel at ease when learning how to train dogs that had little to no training previously.  Noelle made sure that I knew how to keep the class on track and keep everyone moving.  Throughout the training process Jill and Noelle were very calm and collected even when I was slow to catch on or became frazzled.

As I begin my third year as a Thank Dog Boot Camp licensee my classes are going strong.  I have taken the great foundation that I received through the licensee program and adapted the program to accommodate indoor spaces in the winter and keep my boot campers coming back for more.

Heidi Braun – Cleveland, OH

My decision to bring Thank Dog Bootcamp to Central Ohio was made after an initial Skype with Noelle Blessey; during that call Noelle was able to answer questions and provide the information needed for me to feel confident investing in the Thank Dog license. Leading up to my training week, Jill Bowers and was available to answer questions and provide feedback on marketing ideas, and she was very responsive to requests for marketing materials. They Jill and Noelle shared best practices and strategies to market efficiently and cost-effectively.

Training week was a full throttle, intensive 7 days. Jill and Noelle have a well planned, organized system to prepare licensees quickly and thoroughly to run Thank Dog Bootcamp classes. I was constantly impressed by their ability to adapt to learning styles, background knowledge, personalities, and uncontrollable elements like weather. They never showed irritation, frustration, or any lack of confidence. They were honest in their critiques, and always supportive. There was no coddling, but the environment was mature, collegial, and respectful. I have never been so challenged in such a short period of time – physically, intellectually, and emotionally. But I also had confidence that Jill and Noelle would prepare me to the best of their ability so that my business would be successful.

In these few months following our opening, Jill has provided exceptional support with my website and marketing materials, and fielded questions about class details and dog behaviors. Most importantly, I honestly believe that Noelle and Jill want my business to succeed and that they are very proud of their product. I never hesitate to ask them for advice because they are pros, they know this business, they know what works, and they are always willing to share that knowledge with the hope that it will grow another successful Thank Dog Bootcamp!

Naomi B. Hoyt
Owner, Central Ohio Thank Dog Bootcamp, LLC