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Thank Dog! Mobile

Thank Dog! welcomes you to the world’s first mobile app that combines cardio training, strength training and dog training for you and your dog to do together! You heard that right…we’ve taken 2 of the most needed daily tasks, exercise and an obedience routine and combined them into one mobile app to make your quality of life with your dog…that much greater!

The app is now for sale in the app store!! FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: – download the app for free! Click here!!

You will need a resistance band, iPhone and your dog!!


  1. The ability to create a music playlist to accompany the workout along with being able to control it through the app
  2.  20 1-hour routines using a resistance band and instructed by a voice overlay (we accounted for all 3600 seconds of every routine!).
  3. Video and image guidance for commands and exercises available throughout the workout.
  4. Current exercise and commands displayed on the interface as they are instructed.
  5. “How to” videos on how to teach your dog the 4 obedience commands used in the program.
  6. GPS Tracking computes distance covered throughout the  workout.
  7. Details of past workouts logged.
  8. Includes social media integration for Facebook and Twitter.
  9. Explicit instructions on how the program works which includes examples of what the workout and dog training segments look like.
  10. Registered users of the app website have access to valuable tips and tools to prepare them for each workout.

If you’re into fitness and you have a dog…a tired dog is a good dog, a trained dog is an even better dog!  Get your iPhone, grab your leash and come train with us!!